Adult Drowning Prevention 2024 
Feel  COMFORTABLE  in the water.
Start at the beginning and move at your own pace. No rush. No push.
$10 (total) for 3 hours of our standard beginner training. That's almost a months worth of lessons in a day. 

Note: This class is for people who are scared of the water or new to the water. It is not a class to learn freestyle or backstroke, etc. 
Limited spaces. 
These lessons fill up fast. We only open 12 spots per class.
The $10 fee is non-refundable.  If you notify us before class and we can move you to another class, we will.

Who: Adult Beginners (18+) who are either scared of the water or who have little experience with or skill in the water.
We start out walking and eventually move to floating and then beyond for those who are comfortable. 

When & Where: 
All Sessions on Saturday afternoons from 2-5 at the  Resource Connection Aquatic Center, 2200 Circle Drive, Ft. Worth, TX***
Session Dates: (ONLY 1 session per person per year)
July 6th (4th of July weekend): Register here
July 20th: Register here. 
August 10th: Register here.
August 24th: Register here.
After you click a link to register, scroll down, and add the ‘Adult Drowning Prevention Session…’ to your cart. Then create an account, add yourself to the session, and checkout. We will keep you updated by email/text as we move closer to the session dates.

Note: We start as a larger group and then break out into smaller groups based on skills being worked. While the smaller group sizes vary, our average is 1 coach per 4 students or less.

We may be filming! We often film at least parts of these classes and, as a result, require that participants sign a Media Release to register. 

Want to know more?

2022 Adult Drowning Prevention class video. 

Videos: These videos show what you can expect from class. Though created for coaches, students find these helpful, so we share them. 
Beginning shallow water videos:
Beginning deep water videos:

Check out our adult's stories on Sigma's YouTube channel:

***DIRECTIONS to Resource Connection Aquatic Center (close to TCC South Campus)
For some reason, many GPS Maps (particularly IOS devices) will NOT get you to the address, SO...

Follow your GPS to 1100 Circle Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76119
Follow Circle Drive as it snakes around the campus until you see the Aquatic Center sign (or Parking lot E)
The pool is in the back, right corner of the parking lot. 


Glad to answer questions at [email protected]

Hope to see you in the water,

Sigma Adult Swim School