Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Engines with Freestyle Kick!

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Hey everybody!
Let's keep this show on the road with this week's post. If you're just now joining us, feel free to hit rewind on the tape and go check out our post on  the freestyle streamline. To once again reiterate, this is ALL NEW MATERIAL that we have coming up that is homegrown to share to the masses, meaning YOU! Now that we have focused on building a proper body and head position, it's time to move to the back of the boat with our very own outboard motor. The main engine of our swimming that most promotes good body position lies none other than in a great flutter (freestyle) kick.
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As aforementioned, like the motor to the rear of a speedboat or the mid-engine in a Ferrari, our kick is the "driving force" of our freestyle. A strong, uniform flutter kick that marries both tight speed and supple rhythm leads to the feel for the water that many of us desire. For you musicians out there, it's all just a rhythm. So, if finding your internal metronome helps your rhythm, certainly run with it. It's necessary to be light and loose from the hips, just like with the noodle demonstration in the video.
Fact of the week  Sometimes less is more. Often, we get trapped in trying to kick "harder" assuming that our effort is the missing link. Yet sometimes the ability lies not in our sheer effort, but rather in our fluidity and capability to "match the water". Flutter kick does tend to have a learning curve, so don't feel distraught if you're a little tight in the hips afterwards, or things don't seem to click right away. That's why it's called practice, after all! Thanks for kicking along with us so far and please continue to keep up with us  on Youtube, as always!
How does my child move up? Come to every swim class, bring your progress report, earn those stickers, and ask your child's instructor or location's deck manager if you have questions.
How do I move up? Attend as many of your classes as possible, communicate with your instructor on your struggles, goals, and where you're at in our curriculum. We also have many adults who purchase a gym membership to 24 Hour Fitness or LA Fitness while they are taking lessons so they can practice 2-3 times between classes.
Time to kick your freestyle skills into gear! Glad your swimmer is learning to swim with us!
The Sigma Team
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