SIGMA Swim/Stroke School and Pre-Team: Getting In, Blowing Bubbles, Having Fun

Sigma Swimming
Happy Labor Day!
What a great time to be learning to swim, learning strokes, or almost making it onto swim team. In addition to any location-specific info you receive, we would like to provide you with some weekly general info/education that is related to the program you're in. Enjoy!
How to teach your kids the basics of getting in the water:
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Fact of the week: There are 8 levels of our Swim and Stroke School: Level 1-2 Swim School (Learn-to-swim and water safety, Tiny Swimmers and Little Swimmers follow a similar curriculum) and Level 3-8 Stroke School (Learning strokes, becoming more efficient, and building stamina). After Level 8, swimmers move up to our Pre-Swim Team (Improving stroke technique and building stamina).
Have a wonderful week!
The Sigma Team
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