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Hello Swim Team and Adult Fitness Swimmers!
We're meandering our way back into the mental side of swimming this week with a new subtopic. Last week, we saw an opinion piece from Coach Justin discussing finding one's reason for swimming. This week, we start to put all of our puzzle pieces together that we have discussed so far. Unfortunately, swimming is a very unforgiving sport - you constantly have to give more than you might get in return. It gets increasingly easy to fall into the trap of complacency and not take certain aspects seriously, including one wall ("I have 100 more"), one rep ("I need to save my energy for the later sets"), etc. We have to find ways to prevent this pitfall, and avoid just spinning our wheels through practices. That's why we're talking about being more PURPOSEFUL this week. 
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So, the question remains, how do we become more purposeful people? First and foremost, you have to remind yourself that your purpose in life is not merely your swimming career, or your job, or your academic merit in isolation. Rather, it's a sum of all these parts. After this, it's time to start examining the little things in life. In terms of swimming, it comes down to being more mindful - creating an agency over your body; visualizing success; and setting concrete goals. We've talked about these topics at length over the last stretch of weeks, and they should continue to be at the forefront of your mind when examining your athletic and personal journey (notice how I used the singular "journey", because although different, athletic and personal journeys can be two adjacent lanes of the same road). Becoming a more purposeful swimmer starts with making each stroke count, each wall count, each repetition effective with the same goal in mind. The rest, however, is for you to decide!
Fact of the week: Being more purposeful starts with the foundation. "Why do I like ____?", "Where do I want to be in 5 years?", "What would truly fulfill me in this sector of my life?" When you have these internal dialogues, you can determine what it takes to attain your goals (and then some!). Developing purpose adds a whole new dimension to any given task, whether small and mundane or large and grandiose. This isn't something to develop lackadaisically. Sit down, think, make concrete assumptions and decisions about what you desire. If you have goals in your swimming career, why show up and swim aimlessly? Even on a bad day, a little purpose can be a candlelit shuffle through a dark tunnel - certainly better than going through blindly. Echoing last week's message, find your reason, and subsequently, find your purpose. 
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"Having a purpose is the difference between making a living and making a life." Thank you for continuing to learn with us!
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