Building Confidence - Youth Beginner Series Wrap-Up!

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Hi Sigma Swim and Stroke Schoolers!
After a great stretch of weeks walking through progressions for  beginner swimming, we're coming to an end of our introductory series. Please click the following link ( here) for access to our blog so that you can follow along through the weekly progressions. We've come quite a long way over the course of our journey since summertime, and those of us here at Sigma would like to congratulate all of our beginning learners on the great progress they've made! This week, we'll be closing out with a brief discussion on building confidence as a young swimmer!
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Hopefully, the last several weeks have given some insight into beginning swimmer development. We started with more basic skills such as  bobbing and  floating, and have moved into more advanced disciplines such as  freestyle and  backstroke. The linked video is essentially a somewhat expedited version of some of our lessons topics. However, what makes it noteworthy for this week is its use/discussion of different tools to make these new skills fun and fresh. This includes the use of a noodle for introductory back floats, as seen around the 3:15 mark, as well as using the "flip toy" to practice breathing and bubbles. Not all tools work for everyone, but they can certainly act as added supplementation during lesson progress. Children will gravitate towards skills that they can mimic with toys or on land. Keeping it simple and fun is the key to success and greater confidence for your beginner. 
Fact of the week  Not all children respond with the same fervor to swimming progressions. It is perfectly normal for there to be some pushback when attempting new skills, particularly with the different strokes and dives. Fear of water is a natural reaction that beginning youth and adults alike share - the unknown and the uncomfortable compound together. The important steps to real swimming progress is to allow beginners to go at THEIR pace, and develop comfort through repetition. There will be some level of nudging involved to ensure the children are making progress, but their  improved confidence will have to come from within. Time and purpose will yield results, and then sky's the limit for all our young fish!
How does my child move up? Come to every swim class, bring your progress report, earn those stickers, and ask your child's instructor or location's deck manager if you have questions.
Secure your confidence step by step! Glad your swimmer is learning to swim with us!
The Sigma Team
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